High quality compression packings and sealing solutions for all types of industries.

Sealing Solutions

Nordic Seal AS sealing solutions and its design combined with use of first rate raw materials and sub suppliers have made it possible to also patent products and solutions. Leading international companies in numerous industries rely on Nordic Seal’s unique, standardised technical solutions. We specialise in customised sealing products for a broad range of machine manufacturers and applications.

Environmental focus

Our products and solutions are among others supplied and used in heavy industry, where working conditions are demanding and strict environmental standards apply. Nordic Seal AS’s sealing solutions have proven effective in reducing water consumption, contaminated discharges and emissions. They are also recyclable.

Economic benefits

Although packings are not usually a significant application expense, they have high performance value. A ruptured seal or packing solution can entail major consequential costs. Thanks to the combination of excellent product design and high-quality raw materials, our products have a demonstrably stronger track record than traditional packing solutions, with lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime for our customer downtime.

All industries

Nordic Seal AS is the go-to supplier of packing solutions for demanding applications and industries. We have a long track record of successful deliveries to leading companies in many sectors, including the maritime, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, smelting, food, chemicals, water treatment and recycling industries.