In addition to our own gaskets and sealing designs, we also stock products from other suppliers and partners.

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Quick-Seal is a flange and gap gasket with an adhesive strip, and is available in many different dimensions and qualities.

The product is manufactured from expanded, pure PTFE. During the manufacturing process, a porous fibre structure with strong lateral and longitudinal branches is created which renders the fibres highly resistant to longitudinal tension and cold flow. Quick-Seal is made from a highly pliable and workable material that allows the gaskets to retain their form even under compression.

Chemical resistance

Quick-Seal is appropriate for all uses other than melting alkali metals and certain fluorine compounds. The product is imperishable and insensitive to UV radiation. It is suitable for use in temperatures between -240° and +270° Celsius and pressures from vacuum up to 200 bar, and with pH-values from 0 to 14.


Inpro/Seal is a labyrinth, no-contact seal between the dynamic and static parts, providing continuous bearing protection.

Inpro/Seal keeps out external contamination while also preventing lubricant leakage. The product uses centrifugal force and grooves to transport water and steam back to the atmospheric side, keeping the medium in its chamber.

Prolongs useful life

Due to its advantageous properties, Inpro/Seal more than doubles the useful life of rotating equipment. Inpro/Seal can be used in many different devices, including turbines, gear boxes, electrical engines, pumps and bearing blocks.

Subject to receipt of all relevant specifications, we can offer our clients products with a full operating life guarantee.