LubSeal is a compression packing (gland packing) with superior product characteristics, suitable for many industries and applications.

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The LubSeal design reflects three key elements: lubrication, an elastomer core and an outer fibre layer. LubSeal can be delivered with a square, round, oval, rectangular, trapeze or individual customer-defined profile.

We use different types of fibre depending on the relevant medium and operating conditions. All our fibres are of the best quality available in the market.

The elastomer used in LubSeal products is extruded TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Our elastomers are delivered with various levels of quality and hardness, depending on the application and customer requirement.

The packing contains a lubricant reservoir of either graphite or PTFE.


LubSeal has a number of advantages over more traditional packings which help to stabilise operations and prolong operating life. The elastic core increases flexibility and adaptability, absorbs vibration and movement, and prevents leakages. The unique lubrication system reduces wear and tear, prolonging the operating life of both machinery and the seal itself. The outer fibre braiding is adapted to the customer’s specific application.

  • Increased lifetime compared to conventional packings.
  • LubSeal is pre-shrunk during production to minimise shrinkage during use.
  • Considerably less adjustment and maintenance of the stuffing box required, as LubSeal maintains shape, stability and performance.
  • Fewer shaft sleeve changes, due to minimal wear.
  • Reduced or no consumption of lantern ring water thanks to lubrication component.
  • Cleaner environment with reduced discharges of polluted water.
  • No packing waste as with conventional braided packings. Ready to install.
  • Energy savings thanks to reduced friction.
  • LubSeal considerably reduces maintenance costs.