ExSeal & ElectrodeSeal

ExSeal is a dynamic, pressurised seal – a patented and unrivalled problem-solving product capable of absorbing large movements from rotating equipment.

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It all started with the idea of designing a seal to neutralise large movements from rotating equipment. We wanted to create a packing that allows clients to optimise operating conditions easily to reduce wear and tear and achieve a longer operating life for other parts of an application/product. The result is ExSeal. 

ElectrodeSeal is based on ExSeal, and designed specifically for installation around smelting-plant furnaces, to prevent dust and gas emission.


ExSeal’s design incorporates four main elements: outer layer, inner core, valve and pressurised liquid, gas or air.  The outer wear-and-tear layer is manufactured from high-quality raw materials. The inner core is made of a high-quality TPE. The mounted valve (nipple) allows adjustment of the pressure level. ExSeal is available in a broad range of dimensions and profiles. 

The ElectrodeSeal design is a further development of ExSeal, and is the largest seal in our product range. The outer layer comprises a protective Kevlar coating and an inner polymer core[m1] . Like ExSeal, a mounted valve (nipple) is used to adjust the pressure within the seal.  


Regulating seal pressure minimises the need for wear and tear inspections, and largely eliminates leakages. With a pressurised ExSeal or ElectrodeSeal, customers no longer have to replace packings after just a few weeks.

Our flexible solution provides better sealing and less leakage, benefiting both industry and the environment.  


ExSeal is used as a standard solution by world-leading companies in the maritime, oil and gas and water treatment industries. ExSeal has few limitations, and can also be used in other industries and applications.

ElectrodeSeal is a specialised seal for the smelter industry.