Nordic Seal develops, manufactures and markets compression packings and sealing solutions for all types of industrial application. Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Larvik, Norway. We deliver our products worldwide.

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Nordic Seal AS is a small and highly efficient business established in 1993. Excellent service, quality and customer focus are in our DNA, and our top priority.

We are ISO-certified, and all our products are compliant with EU regulations and qualified in Achilles JQS. We develop, manufacture and market packings and sealing solutions for all industries.

Nordic Seal is the world’s only manufacturer of dynamic, pressurised sealing solutions. Several of our seals have been patented.  Our products are unique, differing significantly from all other packing and sealing solutions because we only manufacture custom-designed products based on individual application and industry specifications.

Over the years, we have built up an impressive reference list for almost all industries.  Our highly-skilled and experienced staff, and our use of the best available raw materials, make our products unique. When nothing else works, Nordic Seal has a solution.

Nordic Seal
Nordic Seal
Nordic Seal